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Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 9:29:45 AM

Upgrades / Downgrades and CPU Value Note
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

Here are some of the notable upgrades and downgrades for the year :

Upgrades :

City Zip
Darci Brahma
Gold Allure
Into Mischief
Lope De Vega
Paco Boy
Pioneerof the Nile

Downgrades :

Big Brown
Bluegrass Cat
Dylan Thomas
Encosta De Lago
French Deputy
Manhattan Rain

Of the "big names" in the downgrades (particularly Bernardini and Encosta De Lago) : this does NOT mean these guys are going to fall off of a cliff; they are both still within the top 50 sires in the game and will continue to regularly produce top shelf horses. It simply means they fell a bit form the "lofty perch" they once held (I'm pretty sure they were both within the top 10 active sires in the game at one point; they simply aren't that in real life).

Also, on CPU values -

I will be changing the cap from 1000 to 2000. I won't "uncap" them immediately; unraced horses with a 1000 CPU value will keep it until they race, and it may take a couple of races before they hit their new high. This is not meant to be a measure of how good a horse "is", simply a measure of how fast the horse has recently run in his/her most recent races.

I have some reasons to do this, but don't look immediately for hot races between *1000 - *2000 (though what I am trying to accomplish may necessitate this at some point). ;)



Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 9:23:13 AM

Update on sire adds / updates
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

I think I'm a little bit ahead of things this year! :)

All new sires have been flagged in my database, along with updates to their locations and stud fees.    Now.. onto the sire reratings (which is a bit intricate and does take time, but it's not nearly as nasty as herding all the sires)!   

Once the rerating is done, I will post the Upgrades and Downgrades for the upcoming year.   I am hoping to have this posted no later than early next week.  Also, I won't advertise exactly when these upgrades / downgrades will occur, but all upgrades will occur prior to the new year rollover, and all downgrades won't occur until after the new year rollover.  For those that haven't danced this jig before :

Horses are generated using the sire attributes at the time of creation, not at time of share acquisition.  In other words, if you have a share that receives an upgrade, waiting until after the upgrade is optimal.  If it is set to receive a downgrade, it is optimal to use it prior to the downgrade.

Look for a message from me after Christmas regarding the end of year roll over stuff.  I shook out a few gremlins last year but, given this only happens once a year, it can be hard to diagnose everything.

Look for some of the newly available sire shares to start appearing in the sire search prior to the new year!




Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 5:52:59 PM

A few more you guys can add to the Wiki...
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

[UPDATE]  Got 'em!  Thanks again guys!



..I'm about to run out the door for the night, and I think this is the last few I need to add. I don't have dam information yet, however. but I know some of you guys are resilient... ;)



BAMBOO ERE, sire : Afleet (CAN)
BREAK RUN OUT, sire : Smart Strike (CAN)
CHERRY CROWN, sire : Chief Bearhart (CAN)
DANON GO GO, sire : Aldebaran (USA)
DARE TO DANCE, sire : Danehill Dancer (IRE)
DIAL A PRAYER, sire : Pins (AUS)
FABULOUS, sire : High Chaparral (IRE)
FRISCO VIEW, sire : Mt. Livermore (USA)
GOSHAWK KEN, sire : Bernstein (USA)
LAUREL GUERREIRO, sire : King Halo (JPN)
MOERE PLUTUS, sire : Sunday Silence (USA)
MY ADMIRATION, sire : Encosta de Lago (AUS)
RHINEBECK, sire : Encosta de Lago (AUS)
SAINT ALEX, sire : Afleet Alex (USA)
ST. PETERSBURG, sire : Nureyev (USA)
TOKAI WILD, sire : Sunday Silence (USA)
TOSEN PHANTOM, sire : Neo Universe (JPN)
ZENNO DRAGON, sire : Mr. Prospector (USA)

Friday, December 12, 2014 at 7:02:47 PM

Help the sim and get credits - Wikipedigree Adds!
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

[UPDATE]  Thanks for all the help!  I think I can handle it from here!  You guys rock!


Hey guys! The yearly "help me out by with sire stuff" plea message is here!

If you are pining to help (And earn a few credits to boot), here is a list of ~ 100 sires that need adding to Wikipedigree.   Thanks for the assistance!

I'll update this list in a day or so and remove the horses that have been added.   All Add_me horses are males (of course). ;)

Thanks ahead of time!


Gone Clubbing,Gone West,Water Walker,Belong to Me,2007
Greeley's Angel,Mr. Greeley,Forli's Angel,Broadway Forli,2004
Handyman Special,Lion Heart,Waviness,Copelan,2007
Que Man,Louis Quatorze,Miss Pennypincher,Compelling Sound,2007
Gunner's View (GB),Medicean (GB),Stark Ballet,Nureyev,2004
Infinite Resource,Distorted Humor,Ali's Way,Mining,2004
Jacob's Run,Gulch,Cozy Blues,Cure the Blues,2004
Music City,City Zip,Play Po,Play On,2006
Snack Bar (BRZ),Signal Tap,Magma Rock (BRZ),Jules,2005
Talking Duke,Skip Away,Sunny's Brilliant,Sunny's Halo,2005
Wild Court,Arlene's Valentine,Downy Miss,Turkey Shoot,2006
Speed Limit,Storm Cat,Unbridled Breeze,Unbridled,2006
Hostile Takeover,Dixie Union,Catumbella,Diesis (GB),2004
Hugo,Stormy Atlantic,Go Baby Go (IRE),Lion Cavern,2005
Onceuponamiracle,Authenticate,Miraclesdocometrue,Golden Gear,2005
Love Bully,Holy Bull,Hero's Love,Hero's Honor,2007
Samba Rooster,Songandaprayer,Illumination,Devil's Bag,2005
Wildcat's Storm,Wildcat Heir,Rhonda's Rocket,Fit to Fight,2007
High Rail Curious (AUS),Highrail Danehill (AUS),Like A Gambler (AUS),Colourful Gambler (AUS),2004
Moro Tap,Tapit,Ghost Dancing,Silver Ghost,2010
Baltimore Bob,Malibu Moon,Gabby's Love,Perkin Warbeck,2005
McKenna's Justice,Medaglia d'Oro,Regretfully,Lit de Justice,2007
He's Had Enough,Tapit,Amelia,Dixieland Band,2010
Romantic Dancer,Brighton Ridge,Rainy Day Romance,King's Canyon,2010
Sky Classic,Nijinsky 2nd,No Class,Nodouble,1987
Pop Artist,Songandaprayer,Kipper Quila,Kipper Kelly,2006
Destyn's Pride,Castle Arms,Wish 'n Wild,Steady Effort,2010
No Hesitation,Siberian Summer,Fancee Bargain,Candi's Gold,2007
Ambitious General (AUS),General Nediym (AUS),Lake Lagoda,Military Plume (NZ),2003
Akinaka (AUS),Collate (AUS),Persian Doll (AUS),Hayil,2009
Baro's Heart (JPN),Afleet,Big Love (JPN),Sunday Silence,2005
Kitasan Kamuiden (JPN),Fantastic Light,Platina Heart (JPN),Hector Protector,2008
Rokko Oroshi,Hurricane Run (IRE),Quatre Saisons (FR),Homme de Loi (IRE),2008
Logi Universe (JPN),Neo Universe (JPN),Acoustics (JPN),Cape Cross (IRE),2006
Valirann (FR),Nayef,Valima (FR),Linamix (FR),2010
Cokoriko (FR),Robin des Champs (FR),Cardounika (FR),Nikos (GB),2009
Eagles Flight (GB),In the Wings (GB),Pretoria (IRE),Habitat,1997
Coach House (IRE),Oasis Dream (GB),Lesson In Humility (IRE),Mujadil,2011
Dabbers Ridge (IRE),Indian Ridge (IRE),Much Commended (GB),Most Welcome (GB),2002
Kings Pleasure (TUR),King of Kings (IRE),Jamaica Affair,Black Tie Affair (IRE),2001
Mummy's Love (TUR),Strike the Gold,Colosse (GB),Reprimand (GB),2003
Karabey Han (GB),Warning (GB),Broad Halo,Halo,1992
Hansome Henning,Storm Creek,Zee Best,Smokester,2007
Jet Star,Freud,My Colors,D'Accord,2005
Arcobaleno (TUR),Rakti (GB),Famous Five (UAE),Diktat (GB),2008
Bangkok (POL),Great Lakes (GB),Bogorya (POL),Jaguar (POL),2005
Go Go Gadget (GER),Areion (GER),Globuli (GER),Surako (GER),2007
Verde-Mar (BRZ),Gilded Time,Jolie Marcia (BRZ),Spend a Buck,2007
Slew's Tizzy,Tiznow,Hepatica,Slewpy,2004
Abbeyside (GB),Danehill Dancer (IRE),Trois Graces,Alysheba,2006
Adorjinsky,Nijinsky II,Adorable Micol,Riverman,1993
Ameriheart,Lion Heart,Midway Squall,Storm Bird,2006
Arrow Express,Arromanches,Lady Eve,My Boy Adam,2004
Beach Hat,Malibu Wesley,Wear Your Hat,Blazing Bart,2007
Boos,Ghostzapper,Collect Call,Meadowlake,2007
Bullion Cache,Seeking the Gold,Cash Deal,Danzig,2006
Carson's Legacy,Carson City,Sue's Prospect,Pass the Line,2005
Cherokee Country,Yonaguska,Jetazelle,Tri Jet,2004
Clock,Danzig,Watch the Time,Timeless Moment,2003
Cocktails At Five,Formal Dinner,Decoupage,Alaskan Frost,2009
Don Sebas,Tale of the Cat,Judy's Magic,Wavering Monarch,2010
El Churruca,Monsieur Cat,Devil's Cocktail,Devil's Bag,2005
Finsceal Fior (IRE),Galileo (IRE),Finsceal Beo (IRE),Mr. Greeley,2010
Foreclosed,Kitten's Joy,Daylatedollarshort,Lemon Drop Kid,2009
Gin Rummy King,Double Honor,Ginny Auxier,Racing Star,2003
Gotmymojoworkin,Gimmeawink,Countrywishingwell,Country Pine,2006
Indian Gods,Indian Charlie,Lyin Goddess,Boston Harbor,2009
King's Empire,Empire Maker,Golden Sphinx,Storm Cat,2009
Liginsky,Nijinsky 2nd,Hidden Light,Majestic Light,1989
Luxembourg,Wild Rush,Fashion Editor,Deputy Minister,2003
Mocassin Call,Elan,Brymic's Starlite,Millennium Allstar,2012
Nautical Storm,Storm Cat,Perfect Wave,Boston Harbor,2005
New York Playboy,Hook and Ladder,M. J. Bean,Cormorant,2009
Odfelow,Othello,Kelly's Tuffy,Torsion,2005
One World (AUS),Danehill Dancer (IRE),River Serenade (AUS),Hurricane Sky (AUS),2004
People's Choice,A.P. Indy,Queen's Word,Kingmambo,2003
Retap,Tapit,Free Spin,Olympio,2006
Rio de Janeiro (TUR),Sri Pekan,Helin (TUR),Castle Rising (GB),2008
Risque Remarque,Ellusive Quest,Regal Bounty,Pirate's Bounty,2006
Senor,Cactus Ridge,After the Beep,Phone Trick,2005
Sleepless Morn,Nijinsky 2nd,Nervous Pillow,Nervous Energy,1992
Sok Sok,Trippi,Vaca Sagrada,Great Above,2005
Southern Escort,Gone West,Black Escort,Southern Halo,2006
Storm Military (ARG),Bernstein,Shy Mandona (ARG),Shy Tom,2002
Stormtalk,Storm Cat,Phone Chatter,Phone Trick,2005
Termi Nov (ARG),Romanov (IRE),Helens Terms,Private Terms,2000
Big Blue Kitten,Kitten's Joy,Spent Gold,Unaccounted For,2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2014 at 10:41:23 AM

Holiday Share Special through year end!
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

It's back.. the Holiday Share Special! Between now and the end of the year, all sire/dam-sire shares that would have been priced at 125 or below on the site will be sliced in half (points AND credits). This will also hold true for any dam's-dam-sire shares that would have been priced at 75 or less. 10 point/credit
minimum still in effect.   

The price you see on the site between now and the new year already has the discount built in, so there's no confusion on what you pay; a sire showing 60 points would have cost 120 without the discount.   This is a "live special" only; bids aren't eligible for the discount... so come get ya some!


Monday, December 08, 2014 at 2:20:56 PM

2015 Stakes Going Up This Week + Note on Purses
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

I will be taking my first stab at posting the 2015 stakes schedule later this week (next Monday at the latest).  You will notice a few things, and I'll tell you the whys and hows :

All open stakes are now carded at 100k and G3s are 150k.  This matches the purses for these races offered by the game if you were to purchase them.  All G2s have a purse of 375k.   G1 races will have one of 4 different purse values : $6 million, $3 million, $1.5 million, and $750K.  These purse values may or may not relate directly to their real world purse value.  I am making this change for several reasons. 

Most importantly, it easily flags races for players to aim for.   The races in the sim with the highest purses will become our "flagship races."    Players that want to be considered for the EOY awards should target these races above all others, as they will weigh much heavier in EOY calculations (the EOY awards will be restructured early next year to accommodate these changes).  Currently, players have their own opinions on which races they should consider the most important.  This will allow everyone to pick from the same playbook.

Also, in the long run, it will end up saving me time to work on more important additions to the game.  In real life, purse structures are used to attract better horses to a track and, ultimately, make a race more prestigious (which may or may not work in real life).  Since the tracks in our simulation aren't "competing" with one another for quality horses, there is little reason not to formalize the purse structure. 

My method : I had a handful of players from around the globe whom I had hear from recently rate the most prestigious races in a region and globally.  I aggregated their data and weighed game-important facts in (such as : there are a lot more turf long G1s than other divisions), and tried to come up with a list to even the divisions out a bit.  There are still more "heavily weighted" turf races, but there was little way to avoid that.

I am sure there will be some disagreements on my ratings.  My goal is not to offend anyone's favorite regional racing, and I tried to get a good cross section of opinions when I set the purses.    Please understand I am simply trying to offer something that is best for the game in both the short run (EOY awards) and long run (more transparency for new players who have been confused by the purse : prestige correlation of races in the game).

Also, I  plan to get working on the sire pretty heavily this week and hope to have some information to post on my progress early next week. 



Saturday, November 29, 2014 at 3:54:43 PM

Races a litte backed up Sires/Race Schedules 2015
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

..not sure exactly why today, but the database machine is peaked out.    We've been growing again lately, so I may have to add some more memory to the box very soon.  It won't help speed things up today, mind you, but hopefully this won't be a long-term thing.

Also, I will be working on the sire ratings early next week so, if you have anything to add, do it through Wikipedigree.  This is always a rather large undertaking, and I am always willing to take advice from players about sires they know are standing, have passed away, or showing great potential.  Overseas players are extremely helpful to me this time of year. :)    Feel free to e-mail me with any of this sort of information.

Finally - Race Schedules.   This will be much harder than simply changing the dates and setting them loose.  I am going to go through and add some races and fix some purses this year but, be advised, I am not attempting to match the "real life" races perfectly on purses.  Our EOY awards are based upon purse values, so simply inflating purses to match reality would skew our formulas.     I will have to use my best judgement on some of these, which means some purses may be raised or lowered versus their real life counterparts.    Waiting to see how our current formulas perform this year will be crucial, so waiting as long as possible to modify the races benefits us greatly.    I may add the first several weeks of the year within the next week or so, but I wouldn't expect to see an entire schedule until the last week or two of December.



Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 6:04:20 PM

Residency and Plaer extracts now available
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey Folks!

I added a couple of new tools for people that like to pull data into a spreadsheet and mess with it. :)

Under the Misc. tab, there is a new category called Extracts.

Player Extracts will show all of your race results and information about those races for specified time periods (15 days, all of this year, or all of last year).

Residency Extracts should help resident owners manage their residencies better : it will show the same thing as above, but include this information for all players that have signed up for your residency.

This information is presented in a very raw, comma delimited format (since there's no way I automate every use of it).  All you should have to do is copy the information from the browser window it appears in and paste it in the spreadsheet of your choice (most allow for parsing on a delimiter)  Or you are welcome to write your own tools - that's up to you!).

I hope it serves someone's needs!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 4:45:26 PM

How do you stack up? Yearly Player Stats are here!
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

I had a little time to put some sortable player stats in the game.  They can be accessed by going to Ratings > Player Ratings. 

So check 'em out!


Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 9:45:09 AM

Breeder's Bowl - Good luck! + a note
Posted by administrator under eHorseracing Blog

Hey guys!

It's been a great few weeks in the game, as some of our biggest races have been (and are scheduled to be) run.  Many of our divisional champions will be determined during October and November, and some great BTB articles usually pop up as well.  It should be a great few weeks!

I have a few things I need to add / fix in the game after our BTB festivities, and will need to take the game down for a few hours on Monday AM, November 3rd for several hours (I will be physically moving my servers into a new home-office space thanks to my oldest son moving away to college).  With the number of computers and wires (a modem, 2 routers and 5 computers), it's always "interesting."    If things take longer than anticipated, I'll post about it.

Things should settle down a bit at that time - we're recarpeting and moving several rooms this week - and I should be able to get some time to add a few new things to the game (and fix a few gremlins as well).   Until then, I'll probably be a bit hard to come by, so if you have an e-mail in my inbox I may not get to it right away.

Thanks again for playing, and good luck to all out BB runners (and everyone else as well)!

--Mike / SimulatedSports / eHorseRacing / SimSports / Statributes - ©1998 - 2014 Smartacre, LLC